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Become an Independent Advisor with Northstar

Tired of the Big Firm taking the majority of your fees and commissions? Would you like to set your own marketing budget and be able to choose which software programs you use?

Becoming an Independent Financial Advisor, with the backing of Cambridge Investment Research (a privately held Broker Dealer), may be just what you are looking for. Our Advisors choose what platforms and services are right for them, giving them flexibility to customize their practice to their individual clients.

Our 4,700 sq ft of office space provides you with a private office, conference room, break room, and a client service associate that will help you transition your entire client base in a smooth and efficient manner. Having other advisors in the office also allows for collaboration, vendor support, and shared client/prospect seminars that will help drive your business growth at your speed and pace.

At Northstar, we provide a business succession plan that will pay your spouse/beneficiary the value of your business in the event of your death. We will also provide a Retirement Exit Strategy where we will buy your book of business, allowing you to retire on your terms.

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Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions is the Preferred Custodian for Northstar Advisors

Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions is the Preferred Custodian for Northstar Advisors

Becoming an Independent Advisor means that you control your Journey. How many times has your Firm changed the compensation schedule you are paid? What percentage of your compensation is spent on unwanted marketing, overstaffed offices and Branch Manager bonuses? How much more can your business grow when you are dedicating marketing dollars to YOUR BRAND, and not the Firm's Brand?

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