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Congratulations on taking control of your financial future! Whether you have just recently become acquainted with Dave Ramsey and The Total Money Makeover, or perhaps have been through Financial Peace University, or are a long time fan and follower of Dave's financial principles, you know it takes discipline to achieve your financial goals. You also realize just how important it is to work with professionals who share Dave's philosophy, and are committed to helping you achieve long term financial independence. If you are not familiar with Dave, we invite you to visit Dave Ramsey's website and find out how to take control of your finances.

Ron Sigler and the team at Northstar Wealth Management LLC are ready to help you create long term wealth using the principles Dave outlines for investing. We will take time with you to ask thoughtful questions and understand your goals. We are prepared to answer your questions about investing, and provide transparency regarding commissions or fees involved in serving you.


  • SmartVestor Pros have been researched by the Dave Ramsey Organization prior to being recommended, and adhere to a code of conduct.
  • SmartVestor Pros are dedicated to their clients and committed to educate and help you achieve your investing goals.
  • SmartVestor Pros take a long term approach and embrace Dave Ramsey principles of saving and investing. There are no short cuts!
  • SmartVestor Pros work through independent firms and as a result have access to a wide range of investments and providers. We don't simply offer a single company's investment choices. We are knowledgable about the products we offer, and can explain them to investors in easy to understand terms.
  • SmartVestor Pros are responsive to their clients and strive to maintain the highest level of client service.

We invite you to contact us to setup a consultation appointment to answer any questions you have. We would love to help you with your Total Money Makeover!

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom takes hard work and discipline, but we can assist you along the way. Beginning our Basic Financial Plan, you can take control of your finances and begin the journey to Financial Freedom.