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Retirement Plan Advisors

At Northstar Wealth Management, our goal is to be Tulsa's first source for a Retirement Plan Advisor whether your company has 5 or 5,000 employees. Any Financial Advisor can sell a retirement plan, but to be a leading expert as a 401k Plan Advisor you need to have the processes in place to provide your clients with proper due diligence, plan design and conversion experience that will allow their transition to be as smooth as possible.

As a member of The Retirement Plan Advisory Group, RPAG, we are part of a network of advisors who specialize in working with companies on their Retirement Plan Benefits. In our opinion, it is not enough to offer a retirement plan to employees, they must be empowered to make good decisions with regard to their plan and have access to professionals that will assist them in making their retirement goals a reality.

Client Centered Objective Advice

Client Centered Objective Advice

The objectivity and attention of an independant Retirement Plan Advisor provides your company with the peace of mind in knowing that we are not aligned with any single plan provider, but our whole focus is on what each individual company may need. Using the information we gather from listening to you and your 401k committee, we can begin the process of improving your current plan or seeking out a new plan provider that may better fit your goals and objectives. We sign on as a Co-Fiduciary and serve on a Fee Basis, aligning our interests with that of the company, the committee, human resources and most of all the employees. Our goal as your Retirement Plan Advisor is to improve the entire Plan Experience, not just the investment lineup, making the plan more efficient to manage and more effective at preparing employees for retirement. We utilize a 360° metric around investment due diligence, plan compliance, plan design, and fee benchmarking, which allows us to be your main point of contact from start to finish.

The 10 Minute EDGE

The 10 Minute EDGE

We believe that the employee group meetings of the past haven't set up employees to succeed in understanding and utilizing their Retirement Plan Benefits, which inspired us to develop the 10 Minute EDGE process. In 10 minute one on one meetings with the employees, we will Enroll them, Design a retirement plan that meets their needs, Guide their investment decisions and Educate them on the importance of updating their plan on an annual basis. While participants may start at a smaller deferral rate in the beginning, our challenge to all employees is to increase their deferrals to at least 10% by year 5 in the plan. By consistently meeting with employees and motivating them to increase their deferral percentage each year to their target goal, we feel like the chances of them having a successful retirement are dramatically improved.

We work with you to design an employee education program that is tailored specifically to
your workforce characteristics.

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